SIGETI SHOES’s label have started after years of experience in fashion. The shoes are luxury handmade and all in limited edition. We use prestigious leather, exclusive crystal stones and all our shoes are made with high quality finishing. Our fashion sector is made for - women who choose elegance class and masterly.

Our shoes have been on shows around the world, like Paris, London, Kiev and in the USA. We participated in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in Kiev. SIGETI SHOES have been chosen as a hot trend in the US. The shoes participated at Paris Fashion Week showrooms.  Furthermore, the shoes were selected by stylists and were seen on Hollywood TV shows. Our shoes were mentioned in fashion magazines, such as Elite Monde Dubai.

We find inspiration in beauty and colors in nature around the world, and we express it in the colors and materials we use.

SIGETI motto is ‘The sky's the limit’. The word “No” doesn’t exist in our world. Difficulties are forging and stimulating us to create modern and complex designs, made from original materials. Our creations are top quality and beauty, and are worth the challenges and the price.

SIGETI's movement is in the bridal collection we are expose soon. Our desire is growing and make for kids and men collections. Who have an amazing fashionable taste for unique shoes.   



NOFAR SZIGETI began her label after years of experience as a sportswear clothing designer for women and men.  Nofar now designs shoes and couture clothes.

Even at a very young age at elementary school, Nofar’s talent in art and sewing were well known. Over the years, Nofar developed her talent informally, and hired seamstresses from around the world to bring her unique pieces to life.

There was a purpose in her clothing brand, the designs focus on the shape of a woman’s body to make her feel amazing. Nofar’s design technique is to making the woman feel comfortable in her movements. 

In addition to clothing, Nofar’s designs evolved to purses and shoes designs.  Her shoes  have been acclaimed in the US and were chosen as a hot trend. The shoes have also been chosen by stylists and have been seen on Hollywood Tv shows.  

NOFAR SZIGETI seeks her inspiration from the beauty and colors that exist in nature around the world, and gives it great expression in all colors and materials she chooses for her designs. 

NOFAR SZIGETI’s motto is ‘The sky is the limit’.  She does not know the meaning of No, it does not exist in her world.  Difficulties only forge and stimulate the maker to produce modern and complex designs from original materials.  The quality and beauty of her creations are worth the challenges and price. 

NOFAR SZIGETI’s designs have been on shows in Paris, London and the US. She participated in Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days showroom and her designs participated at Paris Fashion Week showroom, her shoes were mentioned in fashion magazines, such as Elite Monde Dubai.