The values of SIGETI brand are uniqueness, creativity, originality, luxury and masterly

All SIGETI pieces are handcrafted.



The creation of the shoe / product begins with a vision. Vision of art, colors, nature and its incorporation into a luxury lifestyle of self-expression with a very strong statement, of the product / shoe and of the woman who wearing it.

After the vision is born, connects with the inspiration, we begin to draw the shoe, in authentic, and artistic way. Then we transfer the shoe to the computer, to advanced technological software. We get the exact dimensions of each part of the shoe.

Before starting the creation. We choose the specific raw materials with which we want to work / manufacture the shoe. There is a wide variety of Italian leathers of different types and colors, different furs and different colors, different fabrics, very special stones of different colors and all the accessories, which are accompanied by shoes like, zippers, buckles etc. All raw materials are at a high level.                                                                                                               

When we do not have the right raw materials for shoe design, we produce the raw materials by ourselves, and we try to develop the raw materials with new technologies, in addition to authentic and artistic forms. Even if the production of raw materials forces us to invest a lot of time, thought, and a lot of money, we will still do so to produce a creative product in HIGH HAND and unique to SIGETI. When there is an exact work plan from the computer with models for every part of the shoe, we begin the art.                                       

 Everything is handmade, from cutting the leather, connecting the stones to the shoe, keeping any stone without injury. Drawing on the leather and fabrics that assemble the shoe.  Then the factory team with more than a decade of experience connects all of the shoe's puzzle pieces to one handmade product, highlighting each item and item of the product.

Thanks to the originality and uniqueness of the shoe designs, SIGETI leads trends in the fashion world.

SIGETI the luxury shoes you always wanted.